Converting PDF files to Excel

We convert scanned and searchable PDF files to excel. We prefer to use VBA programming and advanced custom excel functions to do pdf to excel converting job fast and with 100% accuracy. If you have 1000 pages pdf document (with similar structure of all pages) we will just create a program to process first page and then we will be able to process all document in one click. No manual copy paste work – no mistakes. Then we verify all data manually to be sure in the best result.

We use ABBY Fine Reader 11 OCR software to extract data from scanned PDF.

Church Directory (PDF to Excel Conversion)

“I need the Names, Addresses, and Phone Numbers in the PDF file transferred to the Excel template. I have uploaded both of the files. There are about 3,300 names, addresses, and phone numbers in the PDF document. I have crossed out some information (children’s names) that I did not need.”

Data Entry (from PDF to Excel)

“I have a PDF formatted list of about 1,300 names and addresses that I need entered into an Excel document.”

Convert Acrobat text to Excel – 20 PDF pages into 5 excel columns

“There 8 pages with the photos and 12 pages with the names – see sample pages for example. Please convert to the attached excel template. OCR is already done, but please make sure data copied is accurate as OCR is not 100% accurate all the time.”