Data management

We provide such services as web data scraping, optical character recognition (we use ABBYY Fine Reader 11), data conversion (between various formats include PDF to Excel conversion), duplicate removing, data verification, data cleansing etc.

Our advantage in data management is that we use advanced VBA programming to process data always when it’s possible to automate entire project or part of it. For example if we need to convert scanned directory from PDF to Excel first we will write VBA program to process the data (move data to appropriate rows and columns, split names and address into multiple columns etc.). This is how we can process data fast and w/o manual entry mistakes. Only after that we use manual verification (scanned directories quality usually is not perfect for 100% automation) to guarantee great accuracy of the result.

The other our advantage is our data management team located mostly in Ukraine. In Ukraine there are a lot of highly educated personnel with very low rates compare to USA, EU and other countries where our clients resides. That is how we can hire a lot of people with master’s degrees and great experience. Our team also include English language teachers for better result with English language data processing. You can read more about our team here.