Converting PDF files to Excel

We convert data from any format to any other format, but the most common job is converting PDF files to Excel. Our clients have scanned documents (directories, statistical or financial reports etc.) in PDF format and want to convert PDF to Excel to get searchable and structured data, which can be uploaded to client’s databases, used for marketing or other business needs.

Original PDF file usually looks like this (sensitive data blurred):


It’s just scanned image, you can’t search or copy any text.

And the file we send back to our client usually looks like this (sensitive data blurred):


The result is an Excel file. You can search data, copy data, edit data, import data into a database. We split addresses, names and other data into appropriate columns i.e. US address goes into Address, Address 2, City, ZIP and State columns, name into First Name and Last Name columns.

We use ABBY Fine Reader 11  OCR software to convert scanned images into text, then we use advanced VBA programming and advanced user defined excel formulas to input all data into appropriate rows and columns automatically. This is how we can do pdf to excel converting job very fast and with great accuracy. If you have 1000 pages pdf document (with similar structure of all pages) we will just create a program to process first page and then we will be able to process all document in one click. And no manual copy paste work means no typing mistakes. Then we verify all data manually to be sure the result is correct and clean. If original PDF quality is not good we manually fix all optical recognition mistakes and verify the result at least twice.

Our data management team include only highly educated persons. Some of them have masters degree in mathematics, other are English language teachers etc. And we can assign so many persons as we will need to complete a project on time.