Our rates and payment terms

Our rates

Our hourly rate for Excel VBA development and consulting projects is $45/hour.

Data management projects usually include 2 kinds of work:

  • VBA development and consulting
  • manual data processing/verification

Our data management team for manual data processing/verification is located in Ukraine so we can offer low rates together with high quality. Please contact us if you have data management project so we can estimate what can be automated and how many persons of our data management team should be assigned to the project to optimize total cost and to meet your deadlines.

Payment Terms

We accept the following payment methods:

  • PayPal – all clients,
  • US ACH – US clients only,
  • SEPA – EU clients only.

Fixed price is possible for short and simple projects with clear and detailed description. And we prefer hourly rate for large consulting projects. Our senior VBA developer work with Excel VBA since 2000, last 4 years almost full-time so he know much about Excel VBA and have a large VBA code library and can work really fast. That is how with our hourly rate you will pay less compare to other developers (even if they offer lower rates) but you will get the best solution for your business.


The best protection for your money is our reputation (>200 clients and 5 stars feedbacks only). But if you need better protection (Escrow service) we can work through Upwork (but you will pay their 10% fee).

Contact us to get more details about our rates and payment terms or if you have any other questions.