Excel VBA tool for windows manufacturer

Months of full time word. Thousands of VBA code rows. Advanced tool for wooden windows manufacturer. The tool allows to design windows, to calculate total price (include all materials prices, all kind of work cost etc.), to build specifications with drawings, to build specifications for materials suppliers, to export data in specific format for automated production line etc. Ad...
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Excel VBA Tool for a Large Corporation

Complex Excel VBA project. Months of full time work. More than 10 thousands of VBA code rows. Complex Excel ribbon tabs and VBA forms created, progress bars used Multiple VBA procedures created: to open template files, to migrate data from older versions, to import and clean data from excel files, to perform complex calculations, to refresh pivot tables, to build matrix d...
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Printable Interactive Excel Form

Printable interactive order form with add row, remove row and reset functionality. Just in one click user can add/remove rows in different sections of the form. As well as reset button will remove all added rows. User can use either buttons (visible but non printable) on the form or buttons on the ribbon. All values inputted into user added rows automatically included into calc...
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Excel tool to parse OCRed PDFs

Excel VBA tool to parse multiple large OCRed PDF documents into CSV files. SQL queries used to get data from source files fast and  w/o opening the files in Excel. Regular Expressions used to split data into rows and columns, to verify data formats, to remove trash characters, to fix OCR errors. The tools is able to detect and fix multiple OCR errors or highlight and log record...
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Advanced Excel Formulas to Split Names, Addresses and Phones

We use advanced excel formulas with custom vba programmed functions to split string data into columns. For example to split string with names and phones to First Name, Last Name and Phone columns: [swf:http://xlbin.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/aefsnp.swf 595 359] http://xlbin.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/aefsnp.swf Advanced excel formulas also can be used to split addre...
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